ZIKZ10 is a sneaker brand, founded by Jort Runia, a 21 year old from The Netherlands. At the age of 16 he created the dream of designing and selling his own sneakers. And so the story the began.


Jort Runia, the owner and designer of the sneaker brand ZIKZ10, works together with several great friends who have excellent expertise in social media, filming, photographing, creating content and more. Jort and his team created a first video to introduce ZIKZ10. In this video Jort is the one who presents his own brand and product.

ONLINE FOCUS - Especially online channels will be important for the brand, but the main focus will be - besides the webshop - YouTube. This is because through YouTube ZIKZ10 wants to tell its brand story and create added value and a (long term) band with people who feel attracted by the sneaker. 



The ZIKZ10 sneaker will be sold through owned online platforms: the ZIKZ10 website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Besides that, the sneakers will be presented at five locations of a well-known sneaker store in The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Maastricht and Purmerend. 


THE DREAM - At the age of 16, Jort Runia, a youngster from the Netherlands with a passion for shoes, created the dream of designing and selling his own sneakers.

THE URGE - After buying, wearing and collecting a lot of shoes for himself, Jort craved for something else. He came to the conclusion that what he was searching for was not there in the shoe market, so he started to draw the sneaker he wanted so badly. To work out the drawings in a professional way, Jort contacted an adress in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 

THE BRAND NAME - Regarding the brand name Jort decided to pronounce the figure 'sixteen' in a literal way, because this was the age the dream started. In the Netherlands the figure '10' is pronounced as 'teen', so it became 'ZIKZ10', which is pronounced as 'sixteen'.

This was the beginning of the ZIKZ10 brand story.


Another important brand value of ZIKZ10 and a motivation to always keep on going is helping, supporting and being there for others. To do so, ZIKZ10 donates €3 to Make-A-Wish with every sneaker sold. 

Make-A-Wish is an organization that is committed to achieving the dreams of sick children: "If a child can believe that his wish comes true, then he can also believe that he is getting better."